Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ruby's Spoon

A newly-published writer visited our local library on Thursday. She is Anna Lawrence Pietroni and her book is Ruby's Spoon - a dark fantasy set in an industrial town in 1933. Absolutely magical. I can recommend it!

Bumblebee Glass

My good friend Sarah James has launched her website She makes stained glass pieces and is now into fused glass jewellery. She also takes commissions. These Xmas decorations are so contemporary and, of course, each is unique. Take a look.

Moving on

Since my mum passed away I've been thinking about what I really want to do. Top of the list - to finish two books I've been writing for YEARS, to persevere with Distant Stitch and to enter some competitions in the Spring. Phew.
If you ever get the chance, do visit Muncaster Castle in West Cumbria. There are lush gardens featuring a collection of rare Himalayan plants and the World Owl Research Centre.
And this - can you tell what it is yet?