Friday, 19 August 2011

Layers and layers

Off work today so I completed my wallhanging for Module Three, having made some adjustments to the first version and taken note of Sian's comments about allowing movement.
This is the original centre "panel".
I couched a copper spiral shape in the centre disc and printed the word "spiral" on the radiating strips. At Sian's suggestion, I added the gold stitching to all 6 "wheels".
I painted and stamped a square canvas
I added a backing square of fabric at 45 degree angle to the central section. I added loosely-coiled copper wire spirals and wriggly gold wire twirls and couched them lightly.
I finished off with directional brush strokes with an almost dry brush in broad sweeps across both fabric and canvas areas.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Busy August

Phew - Maggie Grey talk at Sutton Coldfield last week (fun!) and a chance to catch up with Julia Green. Off to Festival of Quilts on Thursday - quieter than previous years, but loads to see and admire. I was delighted to meet Chris Gray and husband Alan - lovely varied work and fab home-dyed threads, which I couldn't resist! It's so lovely to actually meet someone whose blog you've been faithfully following.
Today I took myself off to Solihull. Picked up some nice silk remnants at John Lewis. In the stash they go. Had to pop into a gorgeous treasure-trove of a shop - Toga and Loll. Look at their website - full of exotic, quirky, vintage and just lovely things. Always worth a visit to see what's new in.
Finally - this one's for you Chris. Remember I mentioned the barbed wire I had to make ?????