Sunday, 23 May 2010


Well - what fun I've been having experimenting with polymer clays. It's a no-pressure way to have fun after getting myself all worked up about C&G. Setting myself some (tiny) challenges has got me all fired up again and boosted my confidence. I was given some Fimo (oven bake) and had bought some Hearty (air dry without heat). Both give a similar result, although the oven-baked version feels smoother and more like "real" clay, whereas Hearty is sort of fibrous and has a little bit of "give", which is disconcerting. It feels warm to the touch too.
Sorry about the flowery background - it's a little glass chopping board I won in a raffle and it's very useful for clay work. Some of the clay pieces will be buttons or brooches - others will be fridge magnets. I've also started making a few fabric buttons using lettering. I feel this is something I'll return to again as it's just so enjoyable and easy to get interesting effects. Most of this stuff is meant for the Ombersley fete, howeverI wore one of the heart brooches last night and got a few compliments!!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Malvern and Clay Play

Spent an enjoyable afternoon at Malvern Quilt show on Saturday. Lots of lovely stuff on sale (you can never have enough STUFF). Bought some fabric, vintage-style buttons, bag handles but resisted all the tempting books. I intend to make some vintage-ey, rather twee brooches to sell at the Ombersley Church Fete in June. Also, I've been making some clay brooches, buttons and fridge magnets. Mixed results, but I'm enjoying doing something different.