Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Module Two: Resolved piece Anne Bravey

Item: creature bag

Dimensions: base: 25cm x 15cm, height: 25 cm approx

Back story:

I made a first prototype which was slightly too big and cumbersome, so I reduced the dimensions. This also had the effect of making the bag more stable when standing. The rather square, chunky base tapers into a curved, swan-like handle. The curve is echoed and emphasised by top stitching to suggest a wing, a feather, the direction of fur, even the footprints of a herd of migrating beasts!

I felt I would not be happy using every scrap of my home-made fabrics, so whittled my choice down to a few. Additional embellishments were also kept to a minimum for maximum effect.

The prototype was made from Funky Foam (what a discovery) and was relatively easy to cut and piece together. The foam is strong enough to withstand being used as a template for fabric pieces. In this case the sections have been assembled, taken apart and reassembled several times.

I noted your helpful comments about the interior and exterior being very different but complementary. I liked the suggestion that the inside could be a “tactile” experience, so decided to make it downy and soft, like a nest.
Create inner fabric from natural-coloured soft calico. This is cut and pieced with wide seams facing forward. These seams will then be frayed and “hacked” to give a feathery appearance and feel.

Front and back foam sections are joined at the top of the bag and the feathery fabric is attached.

Inner “handle” – printing onto gauze – “No creatures were harmed to make this item” – “NO” in bright red. Machined onto square of calico and frayed.

(Beware - bone "teeth" lurking within fluffy layers to trap unwary fingers)

Feathery fabric is applied to each of the remaining sections (base and 2 x side panels).

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Back from Urchfont - I so enjoyed it, especially meeting everyone and finding out what people were up to. I feel spurred on now to get down to producing more work - AND finishing that pesky bag! Special mention to Betty who was so generous with her time and helped get me on track with the blessed hoop thing.